After Hours Sportswear specializes in activewear. However, we have been in the sporting community for over 20 years with our teams competing in local/national tournaments and needing uniforms for each tournament - obviously lol.

After Hours Sportswear started from an idea between my partner and I of selling touch singlets from our touch team - Mezcarz. But seeing as i loved going to the gym and wore gym clothes more, I decided to go down that path instead - with the constant little voice telling me i should try teamwear too. Thanks AJ.




 All uniforms are custom made 


On field

Off field

-          Rugby

-          Hoodies

-          League

-          Track suits

-          Netball

-          Training tee

-          Football

-          Team polo

-          Basketball


-          Touch










After Hours Sportswear is a family owned and operated company committed to providing sporting enthusiasts with the highest quality Sports and Gym apparel available, all at unbeatable prices.

Our sports apparel includes various team sports such as Rugby and Rugby League, Touch Football, Netball, Basketball and Football.

After Hours Sportswear Customers expect satisfaction each time they purchase.

It’s our job to provide a quality service in every area.

We only produce high-quality product, from high performance apparel for the competitive athlete to stylish active wear that’s perfect for the weekend warrior.

We know that ordering sports apparel can be a difficult and unfamiliar task.

So, we are here to help and walk you through the entire ordering process.

We create a complete artwork proof and size guide for every order.

Our mission is to provide custom-branded team wear and team apparel to ensure you represent with confidence at all your practices, competitions, and everything in between.




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