About Us


I started After Hours Sportswear in 2017 because i wanted to create gymwear that was comfortable and affordable. My go-to brand back then was Nike. I always wanted to try and start my own business.


Why After Hours Sportswear?
My partner actually named the business. We wanted something that used my initials and that we could name a gym after (a goal was to have our own gym, but many things have changed in the last 4 years lol).
So he come up with After Hours. I must admit, it took me a while to like it. 
So i got on inkscape and tried making my own logo. I remember having my laptop, my phone to search google and ipad listening to youtube tutorials on how to use inkscape. It took me a whole day to do it too haha!


I want everyone to feel comfortable in my clothing. Seeing women confident and loving my clothing has been the highlight of this journey.